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Intern at Roadrunner Records 

Roadrunner Records is looking for digital marketing interns to help us out during the Fall 2014 semester that runs from September through December! Please submit your resume, cover letter and digital design portfolio to You’ll be contacted directly should we wish to set up an interview with you. Thanks!

1. You will work from our NYC office 2-5 days a week.

2. You must be eligible to receive college credit. 

3. You will work with the digital marketing managers.

4. Daily tasks include assisting team members with marketing projects, working with street teamers and college representatives, brainstorming new ideas, working with the digital marketing team to create digital tools and advertisements for social networking and promotion of our bands. Interns are strongly encouraged to pitch new creative projects to the marketing team.

5. Applicants should have a serious interest in the brutal, heavy and rock music world, Excellent communication skills and a positive attitude. You must have extreme attention to detail and be able to efficiently manage multiple tasks and meet deadlines. You must be familiar with social networks (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), Photoshop and html/css. Photo/video editing skills are a plus, but not required. Students majoring in graphic design, advertising or marketing are highly encouraged to apply.

Roadrunner Podcast - Episode 23

In episode 23, we discuss the Mayhem Festival as a whole as well as Trivium and KING 810. We also talk about bands whose sound and imagery continues to evolve over time, and Nick chats with the guys from Heartist. Then it’s Mark’s turn to discuss an underrated Roadrunner band and share some music from Opeth, Heartist and an Ill Nino song from the vault!

KING 810 release Memoirs of a Murderer

KING 810 have released their debut album, Memoirs of a Murderer. Get your copy from iTunes or through their webstore.

1. Killem All
2. Best Nite Of My Life
3. Murder Murder Murder
4. Take It
5. Fat Around The Heart
6. treading and trodden
7. anatomy 1:2
8. eyes
9. desperate lovers
10. boogeymen
11. devil don’t cry
12. anatomy 1:3
13. Carve My Name
14. War Outside
15. Write About Us
16. State Of Nature

Marmozets Announce Details for Debut Album 

Marmozets will release their debut album, The Weird and Wonderful Marmozets, digitally on September 30th through Roadrunner Records - you can pre-order the album on iTunes and download 4 songs from it instantly!

1. Born Young and Free
2. Why Do You Hate Me?
3. Captivate You
4. Is It Horrible
5. Cover Up
6. Particle
7. Cry
8. Weird and Wonderful
9. Vibetech
10. Love You Good
11. Hit the Wave
12. Move, Shake, Hide
13. Back To You

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