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Are You Looking for Wizardly Tones?

Have you always wondered how to get the ethereal sounds that resident wizard of Dream Theater, Jordan Rudess achieves? Your search is over with his new Jordantron app. Get a ton of his samples and sounds to help you reach wizardly levels - download it NOW.

If you need any proof of his tonal achievements, check out Dream Theater’s latest release, Breaking The Fourth Wall.

Revolver’s 4.5: The Gray Chapter

Revolver posted their review of Slipknot’s upcoming album, .5: The Gray Chapter, giving it a 4.5 out of 5. Read the full review HERE!

"The band has characterized ‘.5: The Gray Chapter’ as a cross between ‘Iowa’ and ‘Vol: 3 (The Subliminal Verses),’ at least in terms of musical approach, and it does indeed contain both the raw aggression of the former and the artistic reach of the latter. But rather than beat a crisis-driven retreat to a musical comfort zone, Slipknot reveal an encouraging willingness here to stretch themselves even further." - Revolver

We here at RRHQ have been loving Slipknot’s upcoming release and it’s almost time for the world to hear it as well - pre-order your copy HERE

Roadrunner Podcast - Episode 25

In episode 25 the crew discusses memorable shows/tours from their past, and whether or not modern technology has taken away from the live experience. We then continue our segment about the most notable Roadrunner signed musicians, past and present, and discuss guitarists. Mark also sits down with Full Metal Jackie to discuss her start in the business and where it’s taken her. Nick brings it home and names his underrated band from the Roadrunner catalog. This podcast includes tracks from Slipknot, Dream Theater, and from the vault we have a track by Jerry Cantrell.

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